LIVEMACHINE - Realtime Performance Looper

LIVEMACHINE is a unique new live-performance Windows VST effect, designed to be used creatively on the stage, at home or together with friends for jamming sessions. LIVEMACHINE lets you compose and produce loops and song ideas on the fly.


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The heart of LIVEMACHINE is the eight channel recording-looper in where you can record phrases, vocals, effects, wav-loops and so much more in realtime.

LIVEMACHINE is somehow an initiator of a new trend - the loop-based music production, which is endless fun and gets more and more friends worldwide.

Be sure to download the Demoversion today!




download demo

download LE demo

Minimum System Requirements

  • Single/Dual-Core CPU with at least 2GHz
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Windows XP/Vista 32-Bit
  • VST 2.0 compliant host


Optional equipment

  • MIDI Interface +
    MIDI Keyboard (49 Keys)
  • A microphone
  • Decent Audio-Interface
  • External H/W MIDI-Controller with lots of Knobs and Sliders



You can see LIVEMACHINE like an old taperecorder with the advantage of being able to record up to eight loops, and even record as much overdubs as you want on top! You can start by sequencing a beat, and then add WAV loops or vocal phrases and spice the whole thing up with realtime effects while you perform.



Sounds quite good. Tell me more.

You can record audio while applying realtime audio effects. Want to sample a Vocal-hihat-pattern? Just use the gate-effect WHILE recording your voice. Sample a bassdrum? Just use the voicesynth together with distortion. Sampling a kind of electronic melody? Use your voice together with the vocoder, a melody-line and the gate effect to create cool rhytmic melodies.

Here is an example video of a short live-performance with LIVEMACHINE:

Now i recorded some loops. What now?

Be creative! Add further FX to them, create remixes, do overdubs - do whatever you prefer - you can always apply FX to every inputs and outputs and that even while recording from/to new channels.

Another cool thing is, that you can save a whole performance-setup in one FXP-file.


What is Livemachine LE? (FX?)

LIVEMACHINE LE is pretty much the same like the original LIVEMACHINE with some exceptions: LIVEMACHINE LE only features the Looper/Recording channels and the Input Effects. The Keyboard Effects have been left out as well as the WAV-Players.

The LE version is ideal for starters or people that want to check out loop-based music production since it focuses on pure vocal (audio in) recording. Be sure check out the Demo !


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LIVEMACHINE FX only contains the "Input Effects" and "Keyboard Effects" from LIVEMACHINE and is (like LE) a seperate VST FX Plugin.
You can use it to creatively mangle any audiomaterial you wish.
(LIVEMACHINE FX is in the final steps of development and 95% done.)





        LIVEMACHINE Feature List:          
  • 12 part drumsampler (WAV).
  • 8 stereo recording channels/loopers + Reverse Playback.
  • 8 Lowpass/Highpass Combifilters.
  • Variable Recording Length (up to 30 seconds).
  • 6 stereo WAV players (disk-streaming).
  • Resampling of every channel + effects in realtime.
  • Overdub function for endless overdubs.
  • 3 pages of input effects with reverb, delay, filter, distortion and more.
  • built-in morphable voice-controlled synthesizer.
  • built-in highquality FFT-based vocoder.
  • 2 stereo outputs (1 main out / 1 cue out with metronome).
  • vu/peak metres for every channel.
  • realtime click- and pop-free audio operation.
  • MIDI learn functionality for almost all controls.
  • 15 Realtime "Keyboard-Playable" effects.
  • Photorealistic GUI.
  • Support for all external H/W MIDI controllers that windows supports.
  • VST 2.0 operation.
  • Current Version: 1.1.

Livemachine is available in different versions / packages:

lm xl
The BIG package. Contains both LIVEMACHINE and LIVEMACHINE LE + LIVEMACHINE FX and the upcoming samplepool, which will feature electronic loops, drums and vocoder-carrier sounds.




lm xl

The standard package. Contains both LIVEMACHINE and LIVEMACHINE LE + LIVEMACHINE FX.
lm xl

The starter version. Contains only LIVEMACHINE LE.
lm xl
The effects version. Contains only LIVEMACHINE FX.
Release Date: TBA.

Before placing an order, make sure that LIVEMACHINE Demo works well on your System and that your Setup meets the minimum System requirements!

Ordering Livemachine includes Lifetime free updates/upgrades and bugfixes as well as email support in case you have problems.
If you have questions on up- or crossgrades, feel free to contact us.

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